The tenth wave of updating the statistical master sample frame in BiH

During November and December 2021, the Agency for Statistics of BiH will conduct the tenth wave of updating the statistical master sample frame in BiH with the ultimate goal of increasing the scope and quality of statistical data in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as their further harmonization with EU standards.


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The update is performed by enumerating households in a selected sample of census districts according to the defined methodology prepared by all three statistical institutions in BiH. The questionnaire contains questions about the name and surname, gender, date of birth, status of the facility according to residence, highest completed school and the like.

Household sample surveys are one of the main activities of statistical institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the sample framework directly affects the quality of sample selection for each survey as well as the survey results. A quality sample framework is a prerequisite for better work of statistical institutions in BiH because it ensures high quality of valuable, comparable, reliable and accurate data and statistics needed to plan short-term and long-term socio-economic development strategies and monitor the reform process in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The update is carried out by trained interviewers and controllers who have the appropriate accreditations from the Agency for Statistics of BiH.

Due to the importance of this activity, the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina calls on the population to actively cooperate in the implementation of this important survey and guarantees that, in accordance with the laws on statistics and personal data protection, answers to questions will be strictly confidential, and will use the data exclusively for statistical purposes.