More highly educated women than men

The International Women's day, celebrated worldwide on 8th of March, is an opportunity to point out the position of women in society.


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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are more highly educated women than men, but still in the managing and decision-making positions men are more represented. According to the data from the Agency for Statistics of BiH in 2020, out of 13,291 graduates, 60% were women, out of 3,143 masters of science and specialists, 64% were women, and out of 153 PhD 41% women.

Highly educated women in Bosnia and Herzegovina dominate the fields of education, health and social sciences. In the structure of employees in educational institutions during 2020, about 99% of educators working in preschool institutions were women. However, with the higher levels of education, the gender structure of teaching staff has changed. Women were more represented in primary and secondary education, while more than half of lecturers and associates in higher education institutions were men.

Of the total number of public health workers in BiH in 2020, almost three quarters were women. There were 63% of female doctors compared to 37% of male doctors. In the field of judiciary and prosecutor's office, out of the total number of judges and prosecutors, in 2020 there were 64% female judges (36% male judges) and 52% female prosecutors (48% prosecutors).

Where are the women in the economy? Based on the gender structure of the boards of directors of the ten highest-ranked companies on the stock exchange in BiH, in 2020, the management structure of the selected companies consisted of 17% women and 83% men. Only one company had a woman president, while in the other nine companies the presidents were men.