Travel Survey of Citizens of BiH is being conducted

The Agency for Statistics of BiH, in cooperation with the entity’s statistical offices, is conducting a survey on private and business travel of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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The survey will be conducted from May to early June, throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina on a representative sample of randomly selected households. In the Brčko District, interviewers accredited by the Agency for Statistics of BiH will interview 864 households in the period from May 18 to June 10, 2022.

The purpose of this research is that, in addition to sociodemographic characteristics of respondents, data are collected on the number and characteristics of multi-day and one-day trips, trends of travel, duration of travel, visited destinations, habits of residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina when traveling, total spending (average travel expenses including travel expenses, accommodation, food and beverage costs, tickets, etc.).

The statistical institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina guarantee that in accordance with Law on Statistics in BiH and Law on Personal Data Protection answers to the questions will be kept strictly confidential, the respondents will stay animus and plead with the citizens for active cooperation in the realization of this important activity.