Pilot Agriculture Census in BiH by the end of year

Today, in Sarajevo was held meeting with representatives of BiH statistical institutions: the Agency for Statistics of BiH, the Institute for Statistics of FBiH and the Republika Srpska Statistics Institute, on the topic of conducting preparations for the Pilot Agriculture Census, which all statistical institutions have included in their annual plans for 2022.


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The pilot census is planned to be conducted simultaneously, in the fourth quarter of 2022, in all statistical institutions of BiH in accordance with a commonly determined methodology. The significance of the pilot census is that after its realization and analysis of the obtained results, it will be possible to finalize the methodology, framework for the Census, budget, organization of field work and ensure all other prerequisites for the full Agriculture Census. . Based on the 2013 Census and data on beneficiaries of incentives for agricultural production, it is estimated that the Agriculture Census in Bosnia and Herzegovina will cover about 680,000 households.

The last comprehensive Agriculture Census in BiH was conducted in 1960 and estimates have been made since then.

Statistical institutions are continuously working on the preparation of the methodology of the Agricultural Census and questionnaires in order to be ready for the Pilot Agriculture Census at the end of this year, said Vesna Ćužić, director of the Agency for Statistics of BiH. Ćužić emphasized the importance of the Agriculture Census, which will provide quality data for analyzes of the situation and potential, as well as planning for agricultural and rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Last year, the Agency for Statistics of BiH, in accordance with the Statistical Program of BiH 2021-2024 and in cooperation with the Entity Statistical Offices, prepared a common, harmonized the Information on the need for preparation, implementation and dissemination of the results of the Agriculture Census in BiH 2021-2024 and the proposal of the Decision on the establishment of the Interdepartmental Working Group for the preparation of the Action Plan for the preparation, implementation and dissemination of the Agriculture Census in BiH 2021-2024. After all the feedback, ie the opinions of the relevant institutions, the Agency for Statistics of BiH submitted the final information and accompanying documents to the Council of Ministers of BiH.