Pursuant to the Law on Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina Statistical Development Strategy 2020, as well as to other relevant documents, and relying on the Declaration on the quality of European Statistical System, European Statistics Code of Practice (CoP), the recommendations of EUROSTAT’s Expert group for quality (LEG) that refer to the system of quality management, Eurostat’s Framework for ensuring quality (QAF) and other documents on internationally accepted good practices, Agency for statistics of the BIH is committed to consistent esteem and implementation of the quality policy that is also based on following principles of Total Quality Management Model (TQM):

  • Monitoring of the Quality of statistical processes and products
  • Users’ satisfaction with statistical data
  • Strengthening of cooperation with data providers (reducing respondents burden)
  • Rational usage of resources available
  • Professional orientation of personnel (education, motivation, and satisfaction)

The Code of Practice of European Statistics is based on 15 principles covering the institutional environment, the statistical production processes, and statistical results. For each of the principles, the set of indicators of good practice provides a guideline for evaluating the implementation of the Code. The quality criteria of the European Statistics are defined by the European statistical law.

In order to produce a comprehensive quality report in a way that all quality indicators are taken into account, the Agency for statistics of the BIH has prepared a Guidelines for preparation quality report for statistical surveys. The role of quality reporting will be further pointed out in the upcoming period in order to provide users of statistical data with access to appropriate metadata that describes the quality of the statistical results with a view to a proper interpretation and use of the statistical data. The prepared quality base containing information for reporting according to the SIMS (ESMS and ESQRS) structures and for generating quality reports on the website of the Agency will certainly help in the process of fulfilling this task.

The purpose and goal of the User Satisfaction Survey of the Agency of statistics of BIH is to obtain valuable data about the habits and needs of our users.

With the survey a broad scope of users was provided with the possibility to share their views about our work and suggestions for further improvements.

Results of this survey will provide quality improvement of data and services offered by Agency, in the segments with which users were least satisfied.

This kind of survey is an important element to fulfil the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice, which is implemented in the European Statistical System.

Agency for Statistics of BiH has started implementing the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) in accordance with the general GSBPM model ver.5.0, which is adapted to the needs of the statistical system of Bosnia and Herzegovina in terms of phases of collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of statistical data. This model provides a standard framework and harmonized terminology that helps statistical organizations to modernize their statistical production processes, as well as exchange methods and components. It is also used to integrate metadata standards, process documentation, to harmonize IT infrastructure, as well as to provide a framework for assessing and improving process quality.

GSBPM shema

Following the example of many other statistical institutions that have successfully implemented GSBPM in the foundations of the quality management system, the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided also to also use GSBPM in order to record statistical production monitoring processes. Documenting the process in the Agency will bring many benefits, such as:

  • clarity and transparency regarding the processes monitored in statistical production;;
  • achieving standardized and harmonized procedures through analysis and improvement of existing procedures;
  • development of guidelines on the quality of statistical processes and
  • improving the overall efficiency of statistical production.

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